Part of a song

on August 8, 2012

* So what is this all about? We had Spotify playlists for each other, and as I was listening to the songs, I just decided to make this one– out of the blue. See what love brings me? I am happy. *

I know this is such a drag
But i love you, i just wanna brag
This feels so good and oh so nice
I love you babe, i think this could be a vice
Like our heartwarming songs,
it is only to you that i wanna belong

You have stolen my heart
Part of a song we always hear
Yes babe you just stole it
Keep it and pls take care of it’s every bit

Accidentaly in love, oh yes we were
Unplanned. Like waves of the ocean that naturally passed the shore
Could this be that we were meant to be
Only time will tell us where we will be

You and i both loved
I think we are lucky to find each other
So a thankful heart is what i have
Happy moments that hopefully we could always have

You can kiss me in the moonlight
Because, i only wanna be with you day and night
Oh this kiss, this kiss
Yes my bossh, it is such a bliss

It’s you that makes me sane
For you brings out the better me
You always want what is best for me
And a grateful love is what i could give

Something in your voice makes my heart beats fast
So maybe in the universe that is so vast
You are God’s gift to me
Hoping someday you and I will be a “we”

I would runaway with you. A part of me will always say yes.
For with you, i feel so secure and i do love you, that is for sure.

Babe, this love is real
I have a lifetime to show you how i feel
So don’t go away and just stay true
Because ill be lost in space without you 🙂


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